[16th - 21st november 2021]

[Four corners Gallery - London]

Have you ever experienced the voluntary ignorance or minimization of an obvious, evident truth?
Social taboos and generally embarrassing, controversial situations can be good examples of realities from which humankind's attitude tends to escape by dismantling the exclusive and inaccessible aura that often permeates gallery spaces.

Our work intends to build safe spaces, where artistic experiences and collaborations are unified to create an accessible and inclusive environment for both public and creatives.

The exhibition ‘Elephant in the room’ converts the invisible,
or what we pretend not to see, into visible, testing and analyzing themes and sensations that often challenge our behaviors as human beings.

In fact, as society accustomed us to take distance
from controversial, embarrassing experiences, we became used
to hiding to ourselves the emotions resulting from particular topics or situations.

The gallery space displays multimedia works from a big range
of young artists, which will convey their personal interpretation of the theme through their art. This way, the audience will be facing many diverse ‘elephants’, with which it will have the chance to connect more directly, therefore dialoguing with usually hidden truths.


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